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Lighting and Control

LED lighting technology offers the potential to save energy and enhances the quality of our building environments, which contributes to our nation's energy and climate change solutions. We at U.S. Global Glow are using LED technology with the newest lighting control systems for energy efficiency to reduce cost and maintenance. 

Solar and Renewables

Solar Photovoltaic cells are essentially cells or panels that are directed towards the sun to harvest energy to provide clean electricity to power private or commercial buildings.

Solar Energy

Back-up and Redundancy

The purpose of a a back-up or redundancy systems is to prevent any disruption of the system operation in the case of a technical failure or disaster by maintaining a continuity of service. 

Grocery, Convenience & Retail Stores

While often lit 16 to 24 hours a day, lighting product correctly is imperative in these environments. Choosing efficient lamps with a high CRI (80+) and low wattages will lower the overall electrical cost by 20-30%, resulting in thousands of dollars added to the bottom line.


Hotel, Hospitals, Office & Multi-Family Living

It is required for common areas such as corridors, garages,elevators and stairwells to be lit 24/7. By changing to efficient lighting and smart controls these areas can be reduced by 60-70%.  After implementing these simple changes this will dramatically lower C.A.M. cost and significantly increase property values.

Parking Garages

Code and Safety requirements require Parking Garages to be lit 24/7, which is costly for an often forgotten area. With the proper products and controls in place, 50-60% savings are achievable and realistic.

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