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Hotel, Hospitals, Office, & Multi-Family Living

It is required for common areas such as corridors, garages, elevators and stairwells to be lit 24/7. By changing to efficient lighting and smart controls these areas can be reduced by 60-70%. After implementing these simple changes this will dramatically lower C.A.M. cost and significantly increase property values.

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Grocery, Convenience, & Retail Stores

While often lit 16-24 hours a day, lighting product correctly is imperative in these environments. Choosing efficient lamps with a high CRI (80+) and low wattages will lower the overall electrical cost by 20-30%, resulting in thousands of dollars added to the bottom line.


Parking Garages

Code and Safety requirements require Parking Garages to be lit 24/7, which is costly for an often forgotten area. With the proper products and controls in place, 50-60% savings are achievable and realistic.